security window film

Why the State of Your Home’s Windows Should be a Top Priority

Your home has a few lines of first defense against intruders both big and small; insulation, the doors, the windows. Intruders big and small means, the sun’s harmful rays, criminals, dust particles and bacteria. You have a hard time stopping dust particles and bacteria from entering your home. However, with window treatments on your windows you can help stop the two other harmful things. With window films put on your windows by a window treatment specialist the life of your windows is prolonged and the safety of your home is assured.

Beginning with Security

Regular windows are easy to see through. Unfortunately, not only is it easy for people that would like to break in, to see through your windows, but it is easy for them to break the windows. Even if you shut and lock your windows every time you are not home, regular windows provide little to no protection against criminals. However, a solution to that is easy. Putting a window film on your window, done by a window treatment specialist can stop criminals from seeing inside. The Safety & Security Series of window films can handle the toughest situations from graffiti to seismic activity, and most definitely break and entry.

Helping with Sun Control

Perhaps your neighborhood is safe and you don’t feel that Safety & Security window films are the right window films for you. Are window films even right for you? However, another intruder that is just as harmful and criminal as someone looking to steal valuables are the sun’s rays. The harmful UV rays slowly rob you of your valuables without you knowing it.

The UV rays from the sun not only harm your skin, but they create the fading of your textiles and furnishing. Unfortunately, some heirlooms you want to display can’t be replaced. Sun control films on your window help not only prevent that, but also combat unequal heating in your home. A film on your windows is important in helping your energy costs. You could potentially see a difference in energy costs within just days. Even better, you won’t see an alteration in natural light by adding a sun control film to your windows.

Options Provided by a Window Treatment Specialist

If you are concerned with both safety and security of your home, as well as the sun control aspect it is important to get in touch with your local knowledgeable and certified window treatment specialist. Located in the Tristate area, TriState Sun Control is a certified Window Treatment Specialist that applies 3M window films. They offer a satisfaction, quality and money back guarantee. Ask them about the Safety & Security Window Films line if you worry about intruders and the privacy of your home. However, if you think that sun control is more important to you ask them about their Sun Control line and how it protects from the premature fading of textiles and furnishings.