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3M Bomb Blast Video: This video demonstrates the amazing capabilities of 3M’s safety and security films. Watch as 3M Window Film withstands a huge explosion and keeps the glass intact. An absolute must for Government buildings or any application where security is a concern.

If safety is your main concern, consider installing 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films for better protection and peace of mind. We install safety window films in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut.

3M Bomb Blast Video
  • Preventing Crime: Unfortunately, one of the most popular entry points into your home is through a window. Luckily, 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films make it more difficult for forced entry to occur through your windows.
  • Protection from Severe Weather: High winds and flying debris can rip through a normal window with no problem. However, with the presence of 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films, your windows will be protected from the additional strength of the film.

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