Homes with incredible views, large windows and plenty of natural light can create a stunning interior environment. However, if not properly protected, can inundate your furnishings, rugs, hardwood floors and interior finishes with harmful UV rays.Not only can these UV rays be destructive to the interior, but can cause premature fading of the textiles and furnishings.

Now there is an attractive solution to keep the natural light pouring in, without facilitating damage to your interior. 3M™ Sun Control Window Films is a premier product that can provide the solution you need for interior protection. Very few professionals are authorized to install this particular type of window film, but at Tri State Sun Control, we are now an authorized 3M dealer, and can protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays.

At Tri State Sun Control, we are committed to our customer’s satisfaction. Servicing the TriState NY, New Jersey & Connecticut areas, we are familiar with all types of window film applications and are equipped to find a solution that will meet the specific needs of your home. Regardless of your unique situation, we have the expertise to get the job done.

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Types of 3M™ Sun Control Window Films

  • Prestige Series
  • Night Vision Series
  • Ceramic
  • Traditional

3M™ Sun Control Window Films- Benefits for a Modern Home

  • Excellent Light Transfer

Many of our clients share a similar concern. What if the window films hinder the quality of light coming into the room? What if the natural light is blocked in some way? 3M™ Sun Control Window Films utilize modern technology which filters only the harmful UV rays of the sun, and allows the daylight to shine through.

Our clients do not notice a difference in natural light, but are able to experience the benefits of their window films.

  • Provides Infrared Rejection up to 97%

If you are looking to protect your interior furnishings from the harmful UV rays that facilitate fading, 3M™ Sun Control Window Films can provide you an effective solution. Providing protection from 97% of the UV rays that would typically penetrate the interior of your home, these films can successfully protect your upholstery, paint, oriental rugs, or other valuable furnishings.

  • Maintains the exterior appearance of the building

Historically, window films could be pretty obvious. In order to adequately protect the interior, many of these films were dark, metallic or grey colored. Today that is not the case. 3M™ Sun Control Window Films blend in perfectly with the window; creating an invisible barrier between the window and exterior of the building. For high end hotels, condominiums, or structures were the exterior look can not be compromised, 3M™ Sun Control Window Films can help property owners achieve their goals without affecting the exterior appearance.

  • Non-Metalized Film

Reflective films which divert heat tend to have a metalized look to them. The 3M™ Sun Control Window Films provide a visual clarity that in many cases has a lower reflectivity than standard glass. In addition to their clarity, 3M’s window films are designed with the most innovative technology on the market. As the sun’s angle increases, 3M™ Sun Control Window Films get to work by utilizing their hundreds of microscopic layers which reflect damaging rays away from the interior of your home, while allowing natural sunlight in.

Corrosion-proof, these non-metalized films are also beneficial in environments with high humidity. They perform flawlessly in coastal environments, and do not interrupt signals from electronic devices as do other window films.

Choose Tri State Sun Control

Could it be time to explore your options for 3M™ Sun Control Window Films? Do you have living areas in your home that you wish to protect from the damaging UV rays of the sun? Or, would you simply like to cut down on your energy costs, without the need to change out your entire suite of windows?

Servicing the TriState NY, New Jersey & Connecticut areas, Tri State Sun Control is a certified expert for all types of window film applications. Equipped with the proper training, knowledge and expertise to install the right film configuration for your home, Tri State Sun Control can be the 3M dealer of choice for your home’s unique situation.

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