Commercial Window Films: Solutions for Expensive Issues

Everyone knows that owning a business is expensive. From the beginning investments you put into the business, to oiling the wheels, the expenses pile up. You certainly do not want the additional worry of building upkeep. However, it’s a possibility. If you own the building, it is your responsibility. Moreover, the heating and cooling costs are also your responsibility, even if you simply rent. Today we’ll talk about an effective solution to some expensive issues, and that’s commercial window films by 3M. Once installed, they take effect immediately, but gratification is instant.

Films for Every Situation

Depending on how old your building is, single pane windows could pose a problem. Not only do they make it exceedingly cold in the winter, but also frustratingly hot in the summer. If your business is located in an area plagued by artists with spray cans instead of paint brushes, you may also battle graffiti. Moreover, the glaring sun on computer monitors continues to frustrate your employees. Do you work in an area prone to natural disasters with high winds that shatter the windows frequently? There is a film that can help with that. If your business needs absolute privacy and still needs light from the windows, maybe you should try the blackout films. Moreover, if  your business handles sensitive information, you’ll want an added layer of security.  There’s a series of commercial window films that can suit your needs.

In the Line of Protection

Perhaps you would like to enhance your building’s security. As windows are among the top weakness for security, it makes sense to look into window films that can protect your business. In the line of protection, there are various options to suit your needs. From the 3M Safety and Security Window films, to the Ultra Series that resist tearing up to 224lbs. The Safety Series offers protection, and the Privacy series provides additional security by blacking out highly confidential areas.

In the Line of Cost Reduction

You may have enough security in your building and seek to look at cost effective ways to save money. Commercial window films are what you are looking for. This can begin with 3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film, which can allow light to travel up to 40 feet into the room and lowers energy costs. The Ultra Prestige Series filters out UV rays and can eliminate hot spots so there is an even heating and cooling in your business. The Traditional Series does this as well. If you seek a better insulation option, the 3M Thinsulate Window Films are the right solution. In addition, they keep the climates steady, so your heating and cooling systems do not have to work over time.


Whatever it is you seek in a commercial window film, 3M can provide it. From anti-graffiti solutions, protection of frequent high winds, to heat dispersing and UV blocking films. These films are cost effective for the savvy business owner and will have employees breathing a sigh of relief. The 3M commercial window films begin to work immediately upon installation.