Are you Compromising Design for Privacy?

Everyone takes their privacy seriously. You don’t want people to know what you do in the privacy of your home. This is your space and prying eyes are definitely not welcome. Most property owners wouldn’t mind compromising the aesthetics of their windows if it means they can have privacy. You probably would jump in line with privacy over aesthetics right? But here is a question for you – would you compromise window design for privacy if you had fantastic options that can deliver both?

Aesthetics and Privacy can go Hand in Hand

You want your home to be a place that reflects your mind and spirit and makes you feel safe. A free spirited person for instance would love the idea of a lot of natural light and big airy windows. Someone with a more creative mindset would love to have a lot of unique ideas and concepts rolled into the layout of their home. But in both instances, compromises would have to be made simply because in addition to cost, you also need your windows to be functional.

Window Films are the Perfect Solution

Window films are a great way to blend in both design and privacy. Window films comes in a wide range of design options, they are cost-effective, and highly functional and they can transform your home to reflect your style. In addition to privacy, window films are necessary to provide protection from sunlight as well.

Cost-effective Design Options for Every House

If you have dollar power, etched glass is an easy to arrive at option. However, even if you are on a budget there is no reason why you can’t blend style with privacy. One of the options you can try are Fasara films from 3M. These films are budget friendly, they don’t obstruct light and vision for your home, and they come in numerous designs. Textured and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, 3M Fasara window films offer you both privacy and they can add a unique design flavorto any room. They can be simply applied to the inside of windows, and or perfectly installed onto glass partitions.

Pick a Style you Like!

If you opt for the Fasara line of window films you have the freedom to choose from either light, of the icy blend, or opt for a fully opaque film based on your unique taste and budget.

6 Robust Design Options from Tri State Sun Control

Sagano– is not only stylish, but it also offers UV protection and a light level of privacy for any window or glass pane.

Yamato– as the name suggests, this design is linked to Japanese culture and offers a higher level of vision obstruction.

Lausanne– delivering a lighter vision obstruction, this film can be ideal within a private space such as washrooms, bathrooms and other areas where privacy is valued.

Oslo– designed to deliver a frosty effect, this window film offers both elegance and privacy.

Milano– designed with a more milky appearance, this window film offers higher level of privacy in spaces where you don’t want to compromise.

San Marino– this opaque film offers maximum concealment and is perfect for use inshowers and bathroom windows.

Regardless of the design you opt for, you cannot go wrong with TriState Sun Control window films. So now you don’t have to worry about compromising on style over privacy.And the best aspect of working with TriState Sun Control technicians is that they are experts in delivering customized window film solutions in keeping with your style and privacy concerns.