Reduce your Energy Footprint

Anytime you pick up an environmental magazine, read an environment blog, or even watch Nat Geo, the kind of destruction man has wrecked on mother earth is not only depressing to watch, but it is also alarming. But the good news is that all of us can be equal partners in reducing the carbon footprint burden that is looming large.

Small steps can go a long way in making our living space more environmental friendly and reducing dependence on natural resources. When we say start small, the first place we are indicating towards is your energy consumption. Whether you use energy to keep your home warm or cool, you are consuming energy. This can be reduced substantially each month. If each one of us can pitch in, then it can make an impact. Not to mention it can also help in reducing in your energy bills.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Everyone loves to have natural light in the house. Windows are great for allowing natural light and air inside the house. However, the glass used in widows is no barrier for protecting you against both heat and cold. Much of the energy consumed is for heating up or cooling your house. So what can you do to lower your energy dependence? One of the most effective ways of reducing your energy dependence is by tinting your windows.

Window films not only serve to provide protection from the harmful effects of UV-rays, but equally important, they also help in conserving energy as they lower heat transference through the windows. The same goes for cooling your house. During summer, again the power consumed by your A/C to keep your house cool can be cut down drastically by installing window films. Window tinting can help regulate both heat and cold as it keeps the temperatures outside from affecting the temperature inside your home too drastically.

Earn Tax Credits while you contribute towards a Green Future

In addition to helping you reduce your energy consumption, protecting you against the harmful effects of UV-rays, window films are can help you earn tax credits. Homes that employ energy-saving solutions, which includes energy-efficient tinting, can benefit from tax savings. This is an initiative that a number of Governments across the globe are following and with very good results. With window tinting, you could be looking at tax savings that easily run up into hundreds of dollars! You also have the added joy of knowing you are effectively contributing towards a green future for your kids.

Window Tinting – Choose Wisely

Smart choices lead to better savings. And a smart choice in this case would be Smart film from Tristate Sun Control Window Film. When you opt for a green initiative such as the Smart film from Tristate Sun Control, you are not only looking at quality and design, but you are assured of better energy efficiency at affordable pricing. These window films offer better climate protection and they serve to offer better privacy protection as well. You could go opaque during the evenings, or try transparency during the day all with the push of a button.

Whatever your needs, with Tristate Sun Control, you can become equal partners in energy conservation without compromising on design, costs, and quality!