Any Season is a Good Reason to Tint Your windows!

Is it a waste of time to tint your windows in the winter? The people at your local tinting company will tell you, anytime is a good time. There are some major advantages to tinting your windows even in the colder months of the year.

  • Protection:

Colder air may sweep across a majority of the country during winter, but there is definitely no less sunshine. Your family, employees, and personal possessions still need protection from the severe UV-rays showering down between cloudy days. The cold Arctic blasts associated with winter may give us relief from the sun’s heat, but its Ultra-Violet rays can still fade upholstery and cause sunburn and skin cancer. In fact, snow increases that risk by 85-90% because those rays are reflected back at you (SSA).  Also, the higher your altitude, the worse your UV exposure.

You can add an extra layer of protection with window tinting. UV exposure is reduced by 99.9%. Also, glare is significantly reduced. Snow-covered roads and roadsides throw up more glare from reflected light which strains the eyes than a clear roadway. In your home or office building, tinted windows can give the same level of protection and comfort. If one considers how the white snow reflects and brightens the night-time light from street lamps or stars and moon, just think about how much more intensely sunlight is increased.

Reducing the glare can create a more comfortable work area because glare coming through windows will be reduced, which also means less light interfering with computer screens or straining employees eyes. The result is higher productivity which ultimately benefits your business’ bottom line.

  • Conduction and Convection:

Colder temperatures are a big part of fall and winter. When one thinks about window tinting, they are probably thinking to reduce outside summer heat. However, it also keeps inside heat from escaping. Heat from outside travels through the glass and transfers to the air on the other side. This is called Conduction. The process of Convection is of more concern in the colder months. Heating units warm the inside air in your residence or office.

When the warmer air touches a window, the air is cooled becomes denser and sinks to the floor, which creates a kind of circulation (cold draft) near a window. So, people turn up the heat. However, for every one-degree increase in your thermostat, energy use is increased by 2%. Window tinting can act as an insulate, helping moderate the temperature of the glass pane. The cold air outside has less of an effect on the warmer air inside which can help the heating bill. See for yourself.

Tinting your windows always carries advantages, no matter the season. As with anything else, the technology of window tinting increases even today. You can be assured any window tinting specialist will select the right product for your residence, office, and vehicle.  For a consultation, call us TODAY at and let the expert installers help find the right tint for you.