Sunlight Can Cause Damage & How 3M Window Films Can Help

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First of all, there are a wide variety of reasons to install 3M™ Sun Control Window Films in your home. Window films can stop the damage caused by sunlight in your home. It causes fading of furniture, creates inconsistencies in your energy consumption and increases your overall energy costs.

  • Energy savings: Did you know you could lower your cooling costs up to 30%? 3M™ Sun Control Window Films provide an insulating effect on your windows, which can keep your air conditioning costs to a minimum?
  • Reduce Fading: Also, many homeowners do not realize the harmful affects UV rays have on our furniture, upholstery and carpet. Since using 3M™ Sun Control Window Films can keep your furnishings looking brighter for a longer duration of time, therefore you are protecting your investments as well.
  • Control Sunlight: At times, sunlight can create hot spots in your home creating warmer temperatures on one side of the house and cooler temperatures on the other. This can create costly energy bills as your HVAC system works to keep up with the temperature fluctuations. 3M™ Sun Control Window Films can help you filter direct sunlight from entering your home, while still enjoying the natural light.
  • Reduce Glare: Finally, 3M™ Sun Control Window Films can reduce glare. Therefore, they can allow you a better view of your computer or television screens.

TriState Sun Control has a simple solution that could make your life much easier.