Sunny seasons bring the suns heat and glare into your home

Spring is here again! Nature is showing its true colors…and the suns heat. I’m not just talking about the flowers and the green leaves although those are very nice. This is the time of year that everything starts getting warmer. The outside atmosphere is very pleasant in springtime unless you have a problem with hay fever. However, when the sun begins shining through your windows, the inside of your home can get uncomfortable pretty fast.

Fortunately, there is a way to beat the sun’s heat, and Tri-State Sun Control and 3M Window Films has the means to solve that problem without running up a high air conditioning bill. In fact, studies have shown that window filming reduces cooling/heating bills significantly. Also, the tinted film can cut down on the annoying glare and the suns heat casts inside your home without interfering with the view of the outside. With window filming, you don’t have to close the curtains or turn the A/C thermostat way down to stay comfortable. The thin sheets let the sunshine in but cut down on the excessive energy you don’t need.

Beat the Early Heat

If you have ever walked into a room in the house and found it uncomfortably warm. You can opt to close them off, but what about when you need an extra guest room?  Window filming will help solve that problem without closing off a perfectly useable bedroom. You have the power to eliminate the heat and make all your rooms comfortable again.

With 3M filming you can block most of the sun’s heat and glare while preserving all the advantages of an open curtain. Plus, your decorative curtains are protected from the suns heat which tends to fade colors over time. At the same time, you can increase the comfort quotient in your house.

Counter the ill-effects of glare

The excessive glare from outside is not good for the eyes as it causes discomfort and eyestrain. Being able to use the natural light while reading or watching your favorite television shows is a positive aspect, but the full sunlight can be overwhelming during the day. Also, if you’re working, paying bills, or just chatting with a friend on your desk computer, laptop, or mobile the sun’s glare can hurt and make it more difficult comfortably look at the screen.

The glare- and heat-blocking window films will allow you to work in any room of your house without having to move from one room to the next when the morning sun moves toward the evening. Ladies can have their own privacy time in any room of the house without dealing with the sun’s heat. Likewise, guys can enjoy their man-cave anytime of the day.

For more information on how you can use 3M Window Film to cut down on the bothersome heat and glare that comes into your home, contact Tri-State Sun Control for a free consultation so you can be aware of your options. You can call or visit us at if you want our help in implementing window filming as part of your next home upgrade.