Say No to Artificial Lighting and Sky High Energy Bills – Switch to 3M Windows

The summers are getting hotter and the winters are getting colder. Blame it on the green-house effect. El Nino, and or just man’s continued tampering with nature (most likely cause), earth as we know it is changing rapidly. Adapting to these changes is the only recourse left to consider. The fact is that most of these environmental changes are not reversible. Air conditioning and heating in homes, work places, public areas, in various modes of transportation (private and public) is our best defense against unpredictable climatic changes. But here’s the biggest cause of concern – maintaining temperature within specific spaces consumes a lot of energy. While it is a big worrying factor on a global scale, it also impacts you and me. This is because all of this simply translates into huge energy bills at the end of the month, with artificial lighting being a huge factor.

Artificial Lighting – But at what Cost?

There is no denying that sunlight is good for bones and the skin. We need it. But direct exposure to UV rays is dangerous to human health. Be it during summer or winter. And for this reason most buildings limit entry of natural light which means usage of more artificial lighting. So whichever way you look at it, whether for maintaining temperatures or for sufficient lighting, you cannot avoid high energy bills. An unfortunate reality for any property owner. But this doesn’t have to your reality. You can say no to artificial lighting and say yes to natural light by switching to Tri State sun control films.

Tri State sun control films are designed to offer protection from the harmful rays of the sun without compromising on the entry of natural light. So now you don’t have to depend excessively on heavy drapes and opaque windows to keep you protected from the harmful UV rays. These sun control films can be easily fixed to the windows (interior and or exterior). Obviously with more natural light streaming in, your dependence on artificial lighting will go down which in turn means your energy bills will see a dip in figures.

Health, Comfort, and Safety – All in One

As mentioned above, Tri State sun control films help in restricting the entry of UV rays which means you and your family is protected all year through. But in addition to providing protection against harmful rays of the sun, you also need to consider insulation of your home against drastic climatic changes. Tri State Thinsulate window films are the solution for effective insulation minus high energy consumption. Simply apply them to your single pane windows and boost the performance of your current windows. This leads to higher energy efficiency which means regardless of how hot or cold it is outside, your home will enjoy better insulation. And because fluctuating temperatures don’t impact your home conditions excessively, the heating and cooling systems installed in your home are not overly burdened. This can only mean one thing – a dip in your monthly energy bills.

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