Fasara Decorative Window Films

Home Design and Privacy Made Easy

Making your home unique and interesting, often proves to be a difficult task. Many homeowners consider it a costly investment. Depending on the extent of your imagination, you could be looking at a very messy project. However, with Fasara films from 3M, making your home reflect your style becomes a simple task. Moreover, you add the bonus of privacy and sun control. At TriState Sun Control, our technicians help you chose the style and designs perfect for your home.

Less Expensive

When designing a home in close quarters with another home, you often want windows designed with privacy features. For example, etched glass provides privacy while adding an appealing touch to your windows. However, etched glass is unreasonably expensive. For the amount of privacy you would like in all aspects of your home, prepare to pay a large sum of money for this design. Is etched glass really the answer? Fasara films from 3M, provides what you need, based on your individual budget. All of this, without compromising the vision for your home.

Numerous Designs

With a variety of designs to suit your needs, Fasara films from 3M, has a window film for you. The six lines available from 3M, range in varying designs and materials. Consider the icy impression of Sagano, or the rice paper elegance of Yamato. Play with lighting features such as the Lausanne, that distorts light, or the Oslo, designed for a light fog impression.  Milano has a milky form with over 50 different styles. Lastly, the completely private solution of San Marino comes in opaque.  If your theme and décor is emerging into the modern look. Don’t worry, any of these window films provide what you’d want, and without the clutter of blinds or drapes. Even if you fill your home with antiques and want to keep from blending in modern day touches. You can trust that Fasara films seamlessly fit into your home.

Privacy and Sun Control at a Premium

When seeking out the best way to create privacy, these Fasara films are one of the greatest solutions. They help control light that comes into the room where the film has been applied to the window. In addition, controlling light helps cut down heating and cooling costs. While you may intend for them to keep the neighbors from peeping in, they also work to keep burglars from seeing in as well. Though these particular window films are not designed to be secure, they do add an additional level of security if a person can’t see into your home.


The Fasara films from 3M provide a wonderful solution to a steadily growing problem: the lack of privacy and individuality in homes. With 6 designs and at least 50 different styles in one of them, you’re certain to find a design that fits your style. Finally, you can rest easily with the peace of mind that privacy also means a certain level of protection from would-be intruders. Moreover,  Fasara films from 3M also offer sun control that helps lower your heating and cooling costs. The technicians at TriState Sun Control can help you chose the best Fasara film for your needs, and apply them for you, professionally. Call us if you are looking for installation of Fasara window film in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut.

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