night vision window film

The Benefits of Night Vision Window Films

Most of us spend our day at work, or out and about. When we are in our homes during the day the sun is high above us. When we come home from assorted activities to enjoy our residential space, the sun is lowering, and we face blinding glare. The sun is so bright that we often have to pull the curtains or lower the shades; so we are not really enjoying the view, are we? The benefits of night vision window films include keeping your view, but reducing glare and even unequal heating in your home.

Pick Your Tint

It is important to pick the right level of tint in a night vision film to suit your home and lifestyle. Depending on which direction your windows face, you may wish to adjust which level you pick. There are three levels available through 3M. The first level, 15, allows a visible 15% of light transmitted and has a UV protection of 99%. The second level, 25, allows a visible 24% of light transmitted and has a UV protection of 99%. The third and final level, 35, allows 36% of light transmission and also has UV protection of 99%.

Added Bonuses

While protecting your home from glare, night vision window films also have the bonus of privacy. They darken your windows, making it harder to see in, thus giving you more privacy and peace of mind. Not only do night vision films give you privacy, but they also save you money. They prevent a significant amount of the heat the sun provides from entering your home. This prevents unequal heating in your home, helping your overworked heating and cooling system take a sigh of relief. Preventing unequal heating in your home is a benefit to the bank account, but the UV protection also helps keep your décor from fading.

Install with Confidence

You may still have doubts as to whether or not you would really want to put a film on your window. Despite the benefits you may wonder if it is really worth it? The professionals at TriState Sun Control can assure you that they will increase the comfort of your home. They are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the 3M Night Vision Window Film series. As an authorized dealer, they have the expertise to install the films without any flaws and can assure you that you’ll have the quality your home deserves. TriState Sun Control’s work, and 3M Night Vision Window Films come with quality, satisfaction, and money back guarantee, as well as a happy home and a clean home guarantee. There is also a warranty for 12 months.

The Environment Thanks You

Some may wonder if a window film is good for the environment. The answer is that these films are environmentally friendly. We all know that small steps to taking care of our environment matter so we urge you to consider night vision window films; if not only for your home, your budget, but for your environment as well.

We Thank You

When you’re ready to for a night vision window film, the choice is clear. You should contact TriState Sun Control. It protects your home from the moment it is applied. Leaving you with an enjoyable residential space and a full wallet, a night vision window film is the investment you need.

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