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Safety and Security Window Films for Your Home and Office

Few things are more important than the safety of your home and office. A lot of what you keep in your home or office, you consider valuable. In your home, you want to keep your most valuable possession, your family safe from outside elements. In your office, you need to keep valuable information safe from intruders. With Safety and Security Window Films, you can keep what you hold dear, safe and sound from disaster.

Safety and Security Window Films at Home

Residential security is becoming more important as climate change becomes more evident. While you want to protect your home from intruders, it’s also important to protect your home from severe weather. With Safety and Security Window Films your windows have the additional strength of a film designed to make sure an intruder has a hard time breaking and entering. Debris carried on high winds will have a difficult time entering through a protected window with a safety and security window film. Additionally, if you’re concerned about intruders, the film makes it difficult for a would be criminal to enter your home through a protected window.

Safety and Security Window Films at the Office

Your office contains valuable documents and hardware. An intruder with this sort of information is not only a privacy risk but a nightmare. With your data in the wrong hands you’re liable to all sorts of issues. Protecting your office with a security system is almost a thoughtless act. Another easy action is hiring TriState Sun Control to apply Safety and Security Window Films to all of your office windows. Similar to a residential setting, the professionals at TriState Sun Control apply films to make it difficult for outside elements, both criminal and natural, to steal your peace of mind. With a Safety and Security Window film on your windows, the film has the ability to keep glass shards to a minimum. For example, if a natural disaster were to shatter your window, the shatter radius would be considerably smaller. This makes cleaning up easier, and safer.

Benefits of the Window Films

The benefit of better protection for your home and office begins immediately. However, that is not the only benefit of a 3M Window Film. Safety and Security window films also do sun control, which is a pretty big benefit in the long run. These films protect against UV rays and extend the life of your décor. That means your new table won’t look like an antique before its time. Moreover, UV protection extends to you and your colleagues. So if you forget your sunscreen you don’t have to fret.

The TriState Sun Control Guarantees

Safety and Security Window films from 3M come with a platinum warranty for your satisfaction. This means you have sixty months of coverage for these specific films. At TriState Sun Control we offer quality, satisfaction, and money back guarantees. Our specific warranty is 12 months.  Our specialists are professionals that service New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas.

When looking to add additional security to your home or office, look up Safety and Security Window Films by 3M. The films protect from natural disasters and intruders. TriState Sun Control is the licensed professional that can apply the window film, and leave you with an additional level of peace of mind.

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