Utility Companies Can Help Customers Understand Window Film’s Benefits

utility companies

In response to this, we’re encouraging utilities to be aware of the energy savings benefits of professionally installed window film. Most importantly, while educating their customers on the returns.

Up to one-third of heating and cooling costs can be lost through inefficient windows. Many utility customers have older less efficient single pane windows in their buildings. Professionally installed energy control window film is a highly effective way to save energy. Once installed, window film may offer year-round savings. Those savings of about five to 10 percent of the buildings’ total energy bill. Some new window films block 40-60 percent of all energy being lost through the glass in winter and may cut cooling costs by 30 percent.

Windows can allow less than 25 percent of solar energy through with window film installed. Versus allowing 90 percent without it. In addition, for commercial buildings, window film can deliver seven times the energy saving benefits per dollar spent compared with installing replacement windows.

Therefore, as utilities and the commissions that oversee them are often interested in reaping the cost benefits of power conservation or reduction of peak demand, encouraging customers to have a professional installation of window film can be a wise suggestion. There may also be Federal, state or local incentive programs for which installed window film may qualify. To view some available tax incentives, visit here.

Most importantly, if you are looking to improve the energy efficiency in your home, protect your upholstery or furnishings from UV rays, or reinforce the strength of your windows, then it may be time to take a look at the various types of window films available to you from TriState Sun Control.

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Save Energy | 3M Window Films TriState Sun Control East Orange NJ

save energyGet a fast payback with significant savings.

The Department of Energy considers window film a top-tier technology for energy conservation and to save energy with one of the fastest paybacks — approximately three years. Upgrading your windows with 3M™ Window Film can help you achieve significant savings. You could save $1 to $2 per square foot of film installed or as much as 19 kWh per square foot of glass. Building owners around the world are already taking advantage of these savings — isn’t it time you did too?

  • Reduce heat gain in summer months by up to 79%
  • Save as much as 19 kWh per square foot of glass
  • Fast payback — as little as 3 years
  • Many utility companies offer incentives
  • 3M™ Window Films are proven to save energy in all climate zones
  • 3M can complete an Energy Plus energy audit on your building to calculate your projected savings

Reduce your energy use and your carbon emissions.

Taking control of your environment with 3M™ Window Films is better for our environment. By rejecting the heat of the sun, you use less energy. By keeping your window treatments open, you use less electric lighting and save on energy costs. By upgrading your existing windows, you’re keeping them out of the landfill.

  • Keep your existing windows
  • Reduce light pollution
  • Let in natural light while rejecting heat
  • Lower your energy consumption
  • Help qualify for LEED credits
  • 3M™ Window Films can become carbon negative in as short as 6 months from install

Source: https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/building-window-solutions-us/solutions/energy/

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