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Problem with Single Pane Windows and Other Things We Solve

Perhaps you just purchased your first house. You didn’t realize it at the time, but the windows are only single paned. Replacing windows can be expensive. However, single pane windows don’t help with heating and cooling costs, nor are they strong against intruders. We can help your single pane window problem in a cost-effective way, with window films by 3M.


What Do Window Films Do


Depending on the line of window films you look at, window films can do many things. Most importantly, they help protect your home from a break-in, and also help with heating and cooling costs. They also come in decorative options. With window films from 3M you can rest assured that any window film you would chose would add another layer to your window. This creates the effect of another pane. Double pane windows are stronger and more efficient. With 3M window films, you can wait to replace those windows if you want. In the mean time, you still benefit as though you had replaced the windows already.


Heating and Cooling


Single pane windows often allow heat to escape. They often let up to 20% of your energy escape. This can lead to higher heating costs. In the summer it can also lead to higher cooling costs. If all of the windows in your home are single pane, the energy loss could be significant. And if your wallet doesn’t feel it, you may when you continue to turn up the thermostat.


The 3M Thinsulate Window Films increases the functioning of interior windows up to 30%. The Thinsulate Window Films adds another layer of insulation to your home, on your single pane windows. In the summer, when the sun’s rays are strongest, the Thinsulate Window Films will deflect them. It stops the absorption, so that your home doesn’t heat up because of the windows. The Thinsulate Window Films are the smart option if you want to add another layer of insulation without the mess.


 Safety and Security


Single pane windows are easier to break than double pane windows. If you worry about intruders taking advantage of your single pane windows, the 3M Safety & Security line may be worth looking into. These window films slow entry of the potential intruder. They are less costly than expensive security systems and far easier to use. The Safety & Security line keeps all glass shards to a small area if a window is broken. This helps protect you and your belongings. The Safety & Security films are clear, and are applied both indoor and out. You won’t know it’s on your window, and neither will potential intruders. The best part: they also protect you from UV rays.


TriState Sun Control Transforms Your Windows


If you wish to transform your single pane windows it is worth giving TriState Sun Control a call. Whatever window film you seek to have applied, the professionals will do so. If you wish to help insulate your home, Thinsulate window films are for you. Wanting to protect against intruders? Safety & Security films are for you. With many options to turn your single pane windows into so much more for less, call TriState Sun Control.

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