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Protections for You, Your Family and Your Home: Why Sun Control is Important

Protecting what is important to you comes naturally. You want to protect your family and your home because these two things are so closely linked. What if we told you that protecting your home and your family from the sun was as easy as applying a film to your windows? Sun control takes many forms, from sun screen for your skin to our 3M Sun Control Window films that protect your home and those inside of it.

The sun is harmful

Saying that the sun is harmful may be an understatement and doesn’t accurately describe what the sun does, because while it is harmful the sun is also necessary. Direct sunlight has been measured out to be about 93 lumens per single watt, more than any lightbulb including fluorescent. A standard 60-watt lightbulb now has about 800 lumens of light total. Artificial light also doesn’t contain the harmful UV rays that the sun does. While you may think that it seems like a great idea to let the bright sunlight in, since your lightbulbs can’t seem to match up, it may be a great idea to think again. You can control your light bulbs, there is no control for the sun until now.

Shining a light on the problem

It makes sense that if there is no sun control, with the rays constantly beating into your home with the ones you love inside, there are bound to be problems. That includes unequal heating in your home. Your average lightbulb gets hot after being on for some time. If the sun is constantly beating in through your windows unfiltered, you’re certainly going to notice a few hotspots. No matter if you’re trying to heat or cool your home evenly, hotspots are something you don’t want. Sun control with a 3M Sun Control Window film helps cut down on unevenly heated areas.

Fading in and out

Your electricity bills may seem like enough to spur you to action. Your décor is another reason. The suns UV rays are not only damaging to you and your family’s skin, but they distress your furniture. That hardwood floor is fading and being damaged by your unprotected windows as you read this, as well as your favorite chair to curl up and take a nap in. Do you have framed family photos on the wall illuminated by golden rays of sunlight? We bet they’re gorgeous, however, they’re at risk without some sort of sun control. With 3M Sun Control Window films, you can relax knowing that the wood floor you’ve put in will last longer, and your favorite chair isn’t going to have to go before its time. Your family photos will be around for years to come.

Tri State Sun Control has your 3M Sun Control Window Films

Few professionals are authorized to apply window films to your home. Located in and servicing New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas, at Tri State Sun Control we are authorized and our work comes with a quality and satisfactory guarantee. We also have a 100% money back guarantee. Don’t you think it’s time you tried Tri State Sun Control 3M Sun Control Window Films today? We add an element of protection to your home, you know you need.

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