Utility Companies Can Help Customers Understand Window Film’s Benefits

utility companies

In response to this, we’re encouraging utilities to be aware of the energy savings benefits of professionally installed window film. Most importantly, while educating their customers on the returns.

Up to one-third of heating and cooling costs can be lost through inefficient windows. Many utility customers have older less efficient single pane windows in their buildings. Professionally installed energy control window film is a highly effective way to save energy. Once installed, window film may offer year-round savings. Those savings of about five to 10 percent of the buildings’ total energy bill. Some new window films block 40-60 percent of all energy being lost through the glass in winter and may cut cooling costs by 30 percent.

Windows can allow less than 25 percent of solar energy through with window film installed. Versus allowing 90 percent without it. In addition, for commercial buildings, window film can deliver seven times the energy saving benefits per dollar spent compared with installing replacement windows.

Therefore, as utilities and the commissions that oversee them are often interested in reaping the cost benefits of power conservation or reduction of peak demand, encouraging customers to have a professional installation of window film can be a wise suggestion. There may also be Federal, state or local incentive programs for which installed window film may qualify. To view some available tax incentives, visit here.

Most importantly, if you are looking to improve the energy efficiency in your home, protect your upholstery or furnishings from UV rays, or reinforce the strength of your windows, then it may be time to take a look at the various types of window films available to you from TriState Sun Control.

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