Safety Window Film Improves Home Security

It’s best to remember that nobody is immune to burglary, even with a high-dollar, highly technical security system. You are still vulnerable to a smash and grab burglary. In this scenario, a thief breaks the glass in your window and grabs everything they can reach from the hole then they are gone. In a case like this, even the best and most expensive security won’t help you much. By the time the police are alerted and arrive at your property, the burglar is nowhere nearby. Interestingly, a thin sheet of security window film can add another layer of security to your home, helping to prevent this kind of burglary.

Tinting sheet makes your window glass more resistant to burglar breakage

The smash-and-grab burglary works effectively only if your windows are easy to break. A strong hand and a rock or piece of metal is all it takes to smash through a normal glass window, then they just grab a few baubles of jewelry or a television set nearby, and they have a few high dollar items they can sell fast. A security window film makes the glass a little harder to bust, which tends to frustrate a robbery.

When a burglar attempts a smash and grab, the purpose is to get it done quickly and run away. Fortunately, today’s safety window film technology changes these conditions.  The safety film creates a clear covering on the glass, bonding directly to the window. The film’s material adhesiveness is superior to regular window film and more elastic also, so it does not break easily, and it holds the broken glass pieces in place. The thieves cannot reach through right away. The film can be penetrated with more effort and time, but the longer a burglar stays in one place, the greater the chance that he/she will be caught. This makes your home less attractive to a thief who wants to get away quickly.

Window tinting limits visibility

Safety film can be transparent, but using a tinted sheet adds to your security because it reduces visibility. If your window film is shaded, it’s harder (or impossible) for a thief to see the inside of your home. A smash and grab thief is not likely to smash in the hopes that he might find something valuable nearby. The tinting will allow plenty of natural light into your home, while it reduces visibility thus adding a little more privacy for you and the family.

Let Tristate Sun Control House Window Tinting add privacy and security to your home

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